Heart and the Hustle explains what to expect when working with a Designer and Developer for branding and websites.

What to expect when working with a Designer and Developer

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Are you curious about the benefits hiring a Designer and Developer will bring to your business and in serious need of a clear Brand strategy to ensure you stand out from your competitors?

Do you have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing your business online and building a website that’s SEO optimized, converts leads and boosts sales?

Are you ready to take the leap and hire support to help take your business and brand to the next level?

Well my friend, you’ve made a great decision, because let’s face it, you can’t wear absolutely all the hats in your business, and you should focus on what you do best, rather than get your hands dirty in areas you are not familiar with or that may take up too much of your valuable time.

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”

― Albert Einstein


Investing in building your businesses brand foundation and online website is one of the best investments you can make for several different reasons, here are a few:

  • Creates an identity for you to attract your ideal clients
  • Makes you look legit and professional
  • Allows you to sell products or services and earn money
  • Allows you to build a community and scale your business

So what exactly is involved when working with a Designer and Developer and what I get as a client out of it?

We’ve been in the industry for years and have been exposed to many different ways designers and developers go about their service offerings for branding and web projects.

Allow us to take you through some of the key phases of a typical process along with what to expect when working with a Designer and Developer.

1. Project Kick Off


Depending on the Design Agency you will be working with, many design agencies kick off a project with some sort of a Discovery session to deep dive into finding out more about your businesses visions and goals. 

This is our favourite part!

At Heart and the Hustle, we always jump onto a free consultation call with our clients to get to know more about their business to see if their project is the right fit for us. We like to explore our clients visions, goals and dreams for their business. We discuss estimated timelines, our process, expected deliverables and pricing to set the foundation for the project.

Next, we love to collaborate and share ideas on Pinterest to better understand our clients overall style and vision. We then send over a short questionnaire to get to know more in depth and specific information about the project (ie. Ideal pages on the website, must have colours, who the clients competitors are…etc.) Lastly, we send off a proposal, contract and deposit invoice to kick off the project!

2. Project Commencement


This is where the Design agency works their magic and begins the creative design process.  Depending on the service you opted in for such as a Brand Identity Design or Website Design the designer will take your visions away and create considering your overall vision defined in Phase 1.

PS: Don’t worry if you absolutely don’t have a vision for your businesses Brand or Website…That’s OK! Many don’t! If anything, this leaves even more room for creativity and exploration on the designers side, which designers love!!

With our projects at Heart and the Hustle, we offer design options along with revision and refinement rounds to ensure the end product is 100% perfect and the client gets exactly what they envisioned. Learn more about our services here!

3. Design Project Completion


For a Brand Identity build, once all the designs are perfected and finalized the client will receive all final files to begin building their brand and business! #exciting

Below is a list of a few common files the client may receive (depending on the agency and package):

  • Final logo files in multiple vector and raster formats (PDF / AI / EPS / PNG / JPEG)
  • Social Media imagery (profile photos, banners)
  • Branded social media content
  • Brand Style Guide –> See an example here
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Email Marketing Campaign template
  • Font Files

Ideally, the client should receive a comprehensive Brand Style Guide package, which outlines how the brand should be used on social media, in email campaigns, what fonts work best with the overall brand, the colours and patterns associated with the brand what sub-marks should be used as secondary logos, icons etc.

Ultimately, Design Agencies should set their clients up for success and provide all materials needed for a successful brand or re-brand launch. 

4. Web Project Completion


If the client has chosen to have a website designed and developed for their business the first deliverable (in most cases) will be a mock-up of a beautiful new website designed in-line with what was defined within the Discovery Phase of the project.

Keep in mind, in order for a branding agency to build a website for you, they typically require all imagery and copy content in order to strategize the layout and design the website for you.

PS: Have no idea how to write your own web copy or source your own images? Don’t worry, we have a directory list of industry experts we’d love to recommend to you.  Get in touch here!

At Heart and the Hustle, we ensure we understand the goals and visions our client have for each web page, as well as suggest ways in which our client can maximize the user experience to ultimately maximize profit.  We then collect all content for each page and create a design that’s cohesive with the businesses overall branding. We then fine tune with the client to ensure its absolutely perfect before pushing to Development (aka coding and going live!)

5. On-Going Support & Maintenance


Most design agencies understand that once the website is finalized, clients want to have the ability to make updates and website changes on their own.  Agencies may offer on-going support at an hourly rate for any post launch web related inquiries, or may set up some sort of a retainer monthly fee with clients who simply do not have the time or patience to make their own website updates.

At Heart and the Hustle, we always provide our clients with a comprehensive and detailed video tutorial which walks through each page of the complete website, noting how our clients can easily make changes such as updating a blog post, or changing text and imagery.  We also offer three different monthly support packages for clients who require on-going support with website maintenance and updates which ultimately save our clients time as well as ensure the websites are fully up-to-date and secure.

Overall,  launching a strong and professional online presence isn’t easy! It takes a vast amount of knowledge, strategic planning and work. Thankfully, hiring a Design Agency (aka Designer and Developer) can take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Ready to speak to an expert about your Branding and Website goals for your business? We’d love to chat with you.  Book a free phone consultation here or email us!

If you are a photographer or copywriter and would like to get on our Industry Expert list which we refer clients to, we’d love to connect and collaborate with you!  Sign-up here!

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